Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Modified Coronet for Mom!

My mom bought me some lovely cascade 220 in a forest green colorway so tha ti could make her a hat. The first try was a total flop. The hat looked ok on me, but not so great on her. Turns out my head is quite a bit smaller than my mom's.

This time the hat worked out GREAT! I did a modified version of coronet from Knitty.com. I chose a wider cable around the brim, which meant the cable was as wide as the ears and puffier so it trapped more heat. The way teh band when around the hat really helped it stay down over the ears too.

Steve says he wants one like it but with out all those "girly" cables. I think it might work with a 2x2 rib in place of the cables.

I might sneak one like this in for me first though....