Wednesday, August 22, 2007


My wonderful mother-in-law is in need of a pretty wrap for her nights on the town. She is an expert crocheter, but wanted something knit, and I was only too happy to oblige. This is a very cute pattern from Vogue Knitting on the Go: Shawls. The yarn is Knitpicks bare merino/ silk fingering weight. So far I'm very very happy with this project. The yarn is soft, shiny and wonderful to work with. The pattern is easy to memorize and just repetitive enough to get a good rhythm going. The one problem with this project is that it's making me wish I had a wrap. Now where would I ever get one of those...


Steve and I have now been married for two years! I'm rather proud of us. We survived my hardest year of PT school. I'm so lucky to have someone who takes such good care of me and loves me so much! He is also very understanding of my recent knitting obsession. He even got me a swift as an anniversary present! (having him help me wind 400 yards of fingering weight yearn might have helped convince him)

Already been used! I love you swift, but I love Steve even more.

Sock pal Socks

My sockpal said she likes bright colors....

So I'm not too happy with the way these turned out, which is why I sent lots of other bright happy presents with them to distract my sock pal. I knit these toe up, to make sure I had enough yarn. I think I really need to work on my increases. The toes turned out all puffy and the yarn wasn't as soft as I would have liked.

My sockpal Tikabelle received her socks and wrote a lovely blog entry about them. I'm so glad she seemed to like them (I was worried). I hope she enjoys the socks and they keep her feet warm!

All in all I'm glad I participated in the sockapalooza 4 sock exchange. There were some rough patches in the middle, but seeing my socks on my sockpal's feet made it all worth while!

First EVER finished socks!

So I actually finished these socks quite a while ago. I had some lovely pictures, but due to communication problems, the pictures are no more. Imagine Steve wearing one sock and Aimee wearing the other. Big foot and small foot. Trust me they were awesome! Even if they weren't, you'll never know...

So I quite enjoyed knitting these. They fit Steve quite well and he wears them around the house all the time (but for some reason never out of the house, maybe it's the bright green stripes). My only complaint is that I would have liked different yarn. The yarn I used, which is now discontinued, wasn't very soft and the colors just weren't quite right. However I'm very happy I made something that is functional and keeps my sweeties feet warm!