Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Sock pal Socks

My sockpal said she likes bright colors....

So I'm not too happy with the way these turned out, which is why I sent lots of other bright happy presents with them to distract my sock pal. I knit these toe up, to make sure I had enough yarn. I think I really need to work on my increases. The toes turned out all puffy and the yarn wasn't as soft as I would have liked.

My sockpal Tikabelle received her socks and wrote a lovely blog entry about them. I'm so glad she seemed to like them (I was worried). I hope she enjoys the socks and they keep her feet warm!

All in all I'm glad I participated in the sockapalooza 4 sock exchange. There were some rough patches in the middle, but seeing my socks on my sockpal's feet made it all worth while!


Anonymous said...

I lurv my socks! The toes are not puffy and the heels are be-yoo-tiful.In fact, I'm wearing them at this very moment. For some reason, the boss keeps my office at Arctic temperatures so I make sure to stash a pair of cute socks in my desk to keep myself from turning into a Tikasicle. Wearing socks with no shoes makes me feel all rebel-y at work. :) Coffee! Sometime soon! Let's do it!

Anonymous said...

P.S.: Why don't MY short-row toes look as neat as yours? Grrr.