Friday, July 28, 2006

zoom zoom!

Not a whole lot of knitting recently. My dad and brother were out here, and we went to the moto gp races at Laguna Seca. It was so hot (over 100 and over 140 on the track) that I turned bright red and got dizzy a couple of times, but still managed to have fun. Anyone who get on one of those bikes in those leathers looks hot, but when they go 100mph they look down right sexy!

Race winner Nicky Hayden

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Blue Lump

The goal is for this:

To turn into this:

This is the other project I have going right now. Hopefully this one will end up fitting me. So far I have the back and two fronts done. I had one of the sleves almost finished before I measured it and realized that the pattern was not written for climbers. Apparently I have larger forearms than the pattern thinks a small person should have. So, I ripped out the sleeve and started over. I'm still really excited about the project and if I can get the sleeve cap to fit into the sleeve I think it will look great. I'm a little nervous having never attempted a set in sleeve before, but also excited to be tackling what I considered a big challenge.

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Current Knitting

Right now I'm doing a lot of scarves becase they are good practice and make great gifts. Because my grad school (especially the kind you have to pay for) doesn't really help the ol' pocket book, everyone gets knitted gifts this year. Anyone have any suggestions for gifts for guys? (little easy ones) When I asked my dad what he wanted he said, "a sweater, like those Dale of Norway ones" He gets coal this year.

Pattern: none - bias scarf w/ dropped stitches
Yarn: knitpicks andean silk
Needles: us 6
I'm very happy with how this is turning out. I finished most of it in the airport waiting for a delayed flight. It's very satisfying to knit because I feel like I've really accomplished something when I get to drop a stitch.

Pattern: Madison Scarf
Yarn: knitpicks andean silk
Needles: US 10.5
This is my first experince with anything resembling lace knitting. Next step is a short decorative lace scarf in tiny yarn. I haven't used anything smaller than a size six needle, so it might take a while to get up my courage.

ps - feline concensus is that this yarn is tasty

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

In the beginning

After much debate, I have finally decided to start a blog. Why you ask? Here's why;

  1. Knitting has been one of the most important factors (besides my husband) in keeping my sanity during my recent career change
  2. I love reading other people's knitting blogs and thought I might add my own thoughts to the mix
  3. Why not?
So how does one start a blog? An introduction seems to be in order. Hi! I'm Aimee. I live in Berkeley and have recently overthrown all career plans and decided to become a physical therapist. I have two cats and one husband. I started teaching myself to knit around December of last year. Since I have the summer off (except for my awesome job at Marmot Mountain works) I have decided to become, minimally, an advanced intermediate knitter by the time school starts!

Now on to the knitting! Here's what I've accomplished so far;

little felted bag
My first ever hat turned out hat shaped and close to the right size. I couldn't be happier!
My second hat. Husband said it was too small. I think this is due more to husband's head size than hat's size.

My first cable experience. It was suprisingly much easier than I expected. I now have the strange urge to add cables to everything.
Scarves and first ever blocking experience. I have to admit, I was quite terrified when I first put all that wooly goodness into a sinkful of water.
Right twist scarf, my pride and joy. Finished, blocked and in brilliant purple!

Knitty wavy scarf. For sister-in-law. Navy blue.
My absolute greatest accomplishment thus far. A sweater! A real full sized, arms and everything sweater. It fits my mom perfectly (ignore the fact that I was trying to make it for me) . My mom even said she would wear it out in public! Oh happy day! I am now intermediate knitter!