Tuesday, July 04, 2006

In the beginning

After much debate, I have finally decided to start a blog. Why you ask? Here's why;

  1. Knitting has been one of the most important factors (besides my husband) in keeping my sanity during my recent career change
  2. I love reading other people's knitting blogs and thought I might add my own thoughts to the mix
  3. Why not?
So how does one start a blog? An introduction seems to be in order. Hi! I'm Aimee. I live in Berkeley and have recently overthrown all career plans and decided to become a physical therapist. I have two cats and one husband. I started teaching myself to knit around December of last year. Since I have the summer off (except for my awesome job at Marmot Mountain works) I have decided to become, minimally, an advanced intermediate knitter by the time school starts!

Now on to the knitting! Here's what I've accomplished so far;

little felted bag
My first ever hat turned out hat shaped and close to the right size. I couldn't be happier!
My second hat. Husband said it was too small. I think this is due more to husband's head size than hat's size.

My first cable experience. It was suprisingly much easier than I expected. I now have the strange urge to add cables to everything.
Scarves and first ever blocking experience. I have to admit, I was quite terrified when I first put all that wooly goodness into a sinkful of water.
Right twist scarf, my pride and joy. Finished, blocked and in brilliant purple!

Knitty wavy scarf. For sister-in-law. Navy blue.
My absolute greatest accomplishment thus far. A sweater! A real full sized, arms and everything sweater. It fits my mom perfectly (ignore the fact that I was trying to make it for me) . My mom even said she would wear it out in public! Oh happy day! I am now intermediate knitter!


Art said...

Good bloggin' sistah, though I have to ask where is the hat you made for me. I think that is another one of your accomplishments; making a hat that fits my freakishly abnormal head is quite a feat. And can I just say that some of the things you have knitted are amazing, like the cable scarf: that thing is awesome. Keep up the good work.

marissa said...

Wow, Aimee! I am super impressed -- when do you start offering classes? I think the hats are awesome, and I agree with art that your knitting is amazing. Hmmm... can we hire you to make things? :) Have fun with it!