Monday, September 17, 2007

Traveling Wrap

I wanted a good traveling project for my trip to Italy with Steve. I decided on a simple wrap because it is light weight, portable, and since I'm making it up there's no pattern to carry. The pattern is very loosely based upon the Contessa shawl kit sold at Morehouse Merino. I like the kit better, but I think mine is turning out pretty nice too. It is all stockinette stitch so it curls a bit. My swatch flattened out pretty well though, and I think a little bit of curl is pretty. Plus it really shows of the soft blues, purples and greens of the yarn. I'm hoping to finish this on the trip. Hey I can dream.

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amber said...

My husband and I were in Italy last year about this time for our honeymoon. So awesome! I brought some knitting... but only really knit on the plane there and back. There was just so much to see and do. If you are in need of a guide book the Rick Steve's one is good... just don't use them for last minuite lodging as it's a very popular guide book and the places he listed were completely booked :)

have fun!!!