Sunday, March 02, 2008

Finished Shawl

I finally finished the first project I ever started in lace weight yarn. It's also the first shawl I ever started. Because of this I wanted it to be an easy project. The only problem is I made it too easy. Here's the pattern:

Size 3 needles
increase one stitch by k1fb at the start of each row

It was so boring that I decided to stop knitting after two balls of yarn instead of the three I had originally planned. This actually worked out pretty well though, because the shawl was already 60 inches wide when off the needles.

My favorite part of the project was the garter stitch cast off. I love the way the bound off edge is still stretchy. I love the way it looks and I even loved knitting it. I found the K2 K2tog, K3 rhythm very soothing.

Another bonus to stopping after two balls is I now have enough yarn left over to make a scarf!
The yarn is super yummy and soft alpaca and silk from knitpicks.

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Karen said...

Beautiful! I love your colors.