Thursday, August 17, 2006

Wearing my sweater with pride!

Finally I finished my wrap sweater! It streched a little during the blocking process but I still love it! Maybe next time I wash it I'll try to block it smaller. All in all, first set in sleve attempt...SUCCESS! My first sweater for me and I've already worn it three times!

Two hats that I just knit up. No pattern, just started knitting. So these are sort of the first designs of my own. Though I don't think you can call them designs since I didn't put any planning into the process. I still really like them though. Cable with the bow is for me. Wavy hat matches a certain scarf for a certain sister-in-law.

Mystery project and first faire isle attempt. me likey!

My brother wearing a hat I made for him. Good luck in Kazakhstan bro!

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Anonymous said...

That brother of yours sure is good lookin. You should definitely hook him up with some of your friends if he ever comes out to visit. Man I'll bet he knows how to really treat a lady right.