Saturday, September 09, 2006


Most questionable cucumber/tomato pairing in history.

I finished my first foray into faire isle and loved it! All the hat needs is to be washed, blocked and worn with pride. Now the question is, what next? I really want to try this vertical stripes/cabling thing I saw on a vest. I think I'll try it in hat form first though.

My first ever swatch for my first ever sock. (sorry it's blurry) I've been putting off this project because the socks are for my husbands big feet. However, he's been walking by me recently mumbling about cold feet, so the time has come. If I ever finish these socks for me will be a breeze.

Finally, my most dreaded project. A bottom up raglan sweater. Now don't get me wrong, I like the pattern. A nice easy relaxed sweater for my first raglan attempt with cute slits on the side. What I really don't like is the yarn. I just don't think I can handle thin thick yarn. I love knitting and watching the neat little rows of v's line up into neat little columns. I just don't get that organizational high with this yarn.
Look! No neat rows or columns! I've learned my lesson. Thin thick yarn may work for other people, but I think I'll stick to nice even circumference for the time being. It doesn't help than my mom bought me wonderful misti alpaca yarn that I am forbidden to use before this sweater is done...

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togbean said...

I'm almost finished with first bottom up raglan - and I decided to make it a cardi ;0
Even if you are working with a pattern I would suggest Ann Budd's "the knitter's handy book of sweater patterns. The raglan is much easier than I expected, especially after you pick up the sleeves and knit it ALL in the round - it'll make sense then.