Saturday, January 12, 2008

Finished Projects

Yay! I actually finished some projects.

First off, I finished my mother-in-law's Christmas present in time for Christmas. I really enjoyed knitting this wrap. It was wonderful to knit something that I knew would be really appreciated and I also really enjoyed the pattern from Vogue knitting on the go: shawls. It was a wonderfully fluid pattern that was rhythmic and relaxing. Plus the yarn was soft and shiny, which made it fun to work with. I'm really happy with how this turned out and hope Lou enjoys using it as much as I enjoyed making it.

Unoriginal Hat

I made this hat for fun and for charity. It's just a little too small for me, which means it should be good for a child somewhere. This hat was started because I really wanted to just finish something. I ended up liking it a lot more than I thought. The fabric is really dense, which I think will make it nice and warm, and I really like the way the colors turned out. I'm also pleasantly surprised at how well the cables showed up. If I had more yarn I would make one for me!

I made this hat for my mom to match her awesome down jacket. Unfortunately it makes her head look a little too much like an egg. Fortunately, I have more of the yarn and the hat makes a wonderful swatch. I really like the way the yarn pooled in a big spiral up the seed stitch brim. The hat fits me quite nicely, but since I already have quite a few hats and plans to knit more, this will also become a child's charity hat (yes I have a very small head). If there is enough yarn left after my mom's hat I'm going to line the seed stitch brim to make the hat extra warm. My plan is to knit a couple more charity hats with leftover yarn and then send them all in at the same time.

Also, I can now be found on Ravelry! So I'll be putting more information on the projects up there.

Steve and I are also starting a non-knitting blog, so if you're interested in hearing about our cross country ski adventure and our prospective move to Michigan give us a visit at!

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