Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Project of Doom!

I recently purchased the Knitters Almanac and became infatuated with the pi shawl. However, I've never even used lace weight yarn. So I got the great idea that I would use the little bit I had in my closed to do a practice project. So I cast on for a bottom up garter stitch shawl on size 3 needles. It didn't seem so bad at the start, but now I can see that this shawl is going to take forever, be boring, and not really teach me anything. I've also seen a similar one on size nine needles that looks fine. Unfortunately, I really like it. The colors are beautiful, it has a nice drape, and I think it will be warm and light when finished. So I will slog on! But I might start the pi shawl too....

Photo taken moments before Ruby attempted to eat shawl.

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